Choosing Your Location

Picking your location is just one of the fun things about opening your THE PASTA CART franchise. Before moving forward with your location take some time to do your homework.

Ask yourself what advantages and disadvantages your location would have?

How many people pass by during the meal times that you would operate?

Is it seasonal or is it a good location year round?

If it’s seasonal do you have another place to move your cart to during the off season?

Some locations do so well during the peak times that maybe you don’t want to work during the off season.

What about the weather? Are you able stay safe and comfortable during adverse weather?

Some locations may cost more to operate but are well worth the extra expense when you look at your earning potential.

Some indoor locations will require 7 day a week coverage. Make sure you have staffing that you trust with your business to cover hours when you aren’t working your cart.

When your’re ready to procure your location we will most likely do that for you. In most cases it’s us who will obtain the proper permits to secure the location.  You will be responsible for any fees or costs associated with your chosen location.

If you aren’t sure about where you’d like to open your THE PASTA CART we can help you choose a location that will fit your wants and needs.